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 School is back in session and we are excited for what this year holds! Be sure to check our site frequently for updates on what's coming up!
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Dress Down Days!

Pay only $1 to wear what you like! Check the calendar for upcoming dates. *Note: All apparel must be within school dress code.  

Osceola County 2016/2017 School Calendar 


Students will be tested regularly in all subject areas.

In addition to this, we will be using the iReady program to assess students' progress throughout the school year.

Test Preparation

    A few suggestions to help your child prepare for tests at home, in addition to nightly homework…

1.      Read, Read, Read!

2.      One of the BEST ways to foster the love of reading is by sitting with your child every night and reading a book of their choice.

3.      Ask your child questions about what they read. Don’t ask questions after every sentence or every page, but enough to check for understanding of what they’ve read. For example, you could ask them to summarize the story. Ask them questions like: Who was the main character? What was their biggest problem? How was the problem resolved? What was one important fact you read in the text?

4. Students also know how to use online reading through our school's website. Check it out! :)

If you have any questions or need any more suggestions or ideas on how to prepare your child at home, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Skills in Progress

Here is what we are currently working on in class. For additional skills and information your child should be covering over the course of the school year, click the accompanying link.

Current Unit
Language Arts
Character Traits
and Sequencing
 Math  Place Value and
Number Operations

Math Skills and Strategies Videos

 Science  The Practice
of Science

Science  Concepts

 Social Studies



Each night students will be assigned homework. Be sure to check the agenda daily for specific details concerning assignments. A general description of what to expect in each subject area is listed below.
 Subject Description
 English Language Arts
Reading: Read 20 minutes every night and keep record.
Spelling Activities: See "Homework Folder" for details.

Math Practice Workbook Problems: Complete pages written in the agenda. Work will be assigned on Mondays, and due by Friday of the same week.

 Science/Social Studies
Science and Social Studies homework will not be given nightly, but keep an eye out for special assignments in these areas. 


General Information

  Student Supply List
Student Information Sheet

Student Log-ins for Websites   

User Name


Student ID #

mmdd (birthdate)

English Language Arts

Sites to See
Visit the OASIS website to sign-up!

Reading and Language Arts

Math and Science


Stay tuned… There’s more to come!​​